Obtain through Marriage

I understand that there have been recent developments regarding the regulations for Italian citizenship. Is this correct?

Indeed, in the latter part of the previous year, the Italian government issued a “circolare” (an official public memorandum) announcing several amendments pertinent to those seeking Italian citizenship through naturalization (such as through residency and Jure Matrimonii / through marriage). It’s important to note that these changes do not affect those applying through Jure Sanguinis (bloodline) or pursuing a “1948 case”.


Key updates include the introduction of:

  • a new language proficiency requirement. Specifically, a B1 level certification in the Italian language is now mandatory.*
  • revised minimum processing times, and
  • an adjustment to the application fee.


* This level of language competency signifies a substantial degree of proficiency in the Italian language, encompassing both written and oral competencies. The examination to achieve this certification is notably rigorous, entailing costs and, depending on your language skills, necessitating a significant number of instructional sessions.

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