Inheritance and Wills

Inheritance and Wills

“Legale Agnoloni” advises on all the legal and fiscal issues arising under Italian law relating to the grave and momentous event of death.

ZGML can assist you in making a will in order to avoid important unforeseen legal consequences concerning the Italian Legal Succession Law. For example, you can indicate in an official document the person to whom you intend to leave your property after your death. This guarantees that your Italian properties will be inherited by those you wish. However, the drafting of a will has some hidden risks that can make the will invalid. We will give you the necessary legal assistance.

Conversely, if you are the heir of an estate we will advise you regarding the different types of inheritance both by intestate succession and by will. We will reconstruct for you a complete picture of the deceased’s assets. We draw up the declaration of succession keeping in mind any inheritance tax that may be applicable. In order to avoid errors or omissions, we will be able to provide appropriate input for acquiring all the information necessary for an exact identification of the goods included in the succession.

When a person dies owning properties (lands or buildings) in order to settle the deceased’s estate, it must first be ascertained what kind of will the testator made. Furthermore, it’s necessary to collect all the documents affecting the testator’s properties, to organize certified translations of documents, to appoint a local notary and to follow special procedures ensuring that the property is transferred at the Land Registry is in the name of the entitled beneficiaries. It’s also necessary to perform the Declaration of Succession.

“Legale Agnoloni” will obtain for you all the necessary documentation to register you as the new owners at the Land Registry. The Firm is also experienced with civil cases dealing with the division of common properties, either pending or not in Court, and can protect your inheritance rights.