Zagamilaw International Law Firm for the international mergers of Eurogroup and Average


The merger by incorporation of the two Italian companies “Eurogroup Srl” and “Average Srl” into two Limited Liability Companies under English law, pursuant to and for the purposes of Legislative Decree number 108/2008, was completed in the last days.

Legal advisor of the transaction, among others, the Zagamilaw International Law Firm with a team led by Avvocato Paolo Zagami who has assisted and monitored – together with its London correspondents – Eurogroup and Average in each phase of the whole process of “Merger and Acquisition “and in particular in the drafting of the merger plan, in the merger resolutions, in obtaining the” pre-merger certificates “issued by the High Court and finally in the signing of merger deeds in accordance with the law.

Cross-border mergers concerned “Eurogroup Srl” and “Average Srl” that is to say two companies with a substantial turnover and having as their object, among other things, respectively, as the by-laws the construction, purchase, sale, marketing, management and the leasing of real estate and the acquisition and rental of advertising space.